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Find out all available options of our LED panels suitable for offices, conference rooms, shops, hospitals or laboratories. Download the catalog form more detailed technical data.
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LED Panel Office Light


LED panel luminaires with high-performance. Superb efficacy of SMD LEDs and high light transmittance of the opal or microprismatic Diffusers provide great luminous flux and perfect uniformity of light. They are ideal for offices, conference halls, classrooms, supermarkets, hospitals and laboratories.

To recessed installation in modular ceilings or on the surface. Replace fluorescent tubes luminaries. National Institute of Public Health certificate. 

Technical data
Napięcie zasilania: 230V AC 50-60Hz

Wymiary (SxW): 595 x 595 x 78 mm

Przesłona: PMMA microprismatic / PMMA opal

Obudowa: Stal malowana proszkowo

Stopień ochrony: IP 44

Trwałość użytkowa L80B10: 50 000 h do 80% jasności początkowej

Warunki pracy i przechowywanie: temperatura -20°C – 40°C

Wilgotność względna: 20–65% lub 20-100%

Dostępne opcje: DALI, 1-10V, inna moc, inny kąt świecenia, obudowa natynkowa Ra/CRI >90, Ra/CRI >95, 2700-6500K

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