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Lineario Quadrato

LED Strips Deluxe Series


Professional linear light sources in form of LED strips. 

Hight efficacy LEDs and the unique construction provide high luminous flux and small power consumption. LEDs are selected for the best colour consistency.

They even have triply higher light efficacy in comparison to the popular 12V LED strips. Thanks to thicker cooper layers voltage drops were reduced to minimum.

Technical data

Input voltage24V DC
Structurewhite painted, double-layer copper PCB
Index of protectionIP20 or IP54
Lifespan L80B1050 000 h to 80% initail brightness
Work and storage conditions-20°C - 40°C
Relative humidity20 - 65%
Available versions with another CCT - Coordinated color temperature2200K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K, 10000K, RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, RGB, RGBW
Product codPower (W)LED quantity (lm/m)Lumen per meter (lm/m)Light efficacy (lm/W)Color temperature (K)Ra / CRI
LE-D32-29-940-U2,88 W32 LED508,8 lm176,7 lm/W4000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D32-29-930-U2,88 W32 LED499,2 lm173,3 lm/W3000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D32-29-927-U2,88 W32 LED487,36 lm169,2 lm/W2700KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D48-43-940-U4,32 W32 LED763,2 lm176,7 lm/W4000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D48-43-930-U4,32 W48LED748,8 lm173,3 lm/W3000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D48-43-927-U4,32 W48LED731,04 lm169,2 lm/W2700KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D64-57-940-U5,76 W64LED1017,6 lm176,7 lm/W4000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D64-57-930-U5,76 W64LED998,4 lm173,3 lm/W3000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D64-57-927-U5,76 W64LED974,72 lm169,2 lm/W2700KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D80-72-940-U7,2 W80LED1272 lm176,7 lm/W4000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D80-72-930-U7,2 W80LED1248 lm173,3 lm/W3000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D80-72-927-U7,2 W80LED1218,4 lm169,2 lm/W2700KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D128-115-940-U11,52 W128LED2035,2 lm176,7 lm/W4000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D128-115-930-U11,52 W128LED1996,8 lm173,3 lm/W3000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D128-115-927-U11,52 W128LED1949,44 lm169,2 lm/W2700KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D160-144-940-U14,4 W160LED2544 lm176,7 lm/W4000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D160-144-930-U14,4 W160LED2496 lm173,3 lm/W3000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D160-144-927-U14,4 W160LED2436,8 lm169,2 lm/W2700KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D160-29-940-U2,9 W160LED580 lm200,0 lm/W4000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D160-29-930-U2,9 W160LED560 lm193,1 lm/W3000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D160-29-927-U2,9 W160LED540 lm186,2 lm/W2700KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D80-72-940-U18 W80LED3500 lm194,4 lm/W4000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D80-72-930-U18 W80LED3400 lm188,9 lm/W3000KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D80-72-927-U18 W80LED3300 lm183,3 lm/W2700KCRI/Ra>90
LE-D80-144-TW9-U14,4 W2x80LED2500 lm173,6 lm/W2700K-6500KCRI/Ra>90

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